CSR and Sustainability

Mubadra believes there is a strong business case for CSR. As more companies adhere to the principles of ethical business and good governance, people and business can share the same platform to ensure profitability, sustainability, economic and social security.

Mubadra offers consultancy services to companies in achieving their CSR goals at every stage of their CSR initiative:

  • One-day CSR Orientation - Introductory Course.
  • Conduct of internal and external CSR assessment /Gap analysis.
  • CSR Strategic Planning.
  • CSR and sustainability initiatives covering the workplace.
  • CSR project development and start up implementation.
  • Support on sustainability reporting and/or CSR best practices.

Contact us

Mohammed Zain
Managing Director
Mubadra PR and CSR Consultancy
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 55 541 3553
Email : m.zain@mubadra.com