It is essential for any communication professional here in the middle-east that having perfect Arabic content is essential to sustain business, ensure client satisfaction, and maintain the organization’s image in its best shape. Having high quality Arabic content means better understanding with stakeholders, key messages are communicated and understood perfectly, resulting to client satisfaction.

As a talented team that have spent many years in the UAE, we have a full understanding of the local culture and knowledge of the best Arabic writing styles and various media approaches. We think in Arabic.

Mubadra offers the following services:

  • Creative Arabisation
  • Proofreading Arabic documents
  • Arabic copywriting
  • Arabic content development (Websites, Press materials, newsletters, brochures ..etc)

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Mohammed Zain
Managing Director
Mubadra PR and CSR Consultancy
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 55 541 3553
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