About mubadra

A company’s reputation takes years to achieve and also be gone overnight, so why take the risk?

At Mubadra we share in the belief that a great image is based on a company’s goodwill, reputation and a reliable brand name. We help in further building and protecting your company’s reputation and image to all your stakeholders, as we tell your success story effectively, highlighting the achievements of your journey, and providing maximum channels of communication for better outreach. We have an extensive network in media and the social media to deliver your message to specific demographic target groups, your stakeholders and the community in general.

Adherence to the principles of sustainability is a key factor in surviving a market faced by climate, economic and security challenges. There is greater realization about the essential role public relations and sustainability strategies play in driving a healthy business operation.

Corporate Social Responsibility is now viewed as a way of doing good business more than just a one-off program. This is clearly proven by the growing number of entities joining sustainability indices and CSR groups both local and international. PR provides the vehicle to communicate the achievements of the company while maximizing its reach. Given the current market context, profitability and sustainability will be largely based on the company’s economic, social and environmental performance - the triple bottom line.

Mubadra, meaning ‘initiative’, is a consultancy group offering a wide range of services from public relations to corporate social responsibility. Composed of a highly experienced team from a variety of background, Mubadra assures result driven and responsible PR, CSR and communication campaigns to achieve better profitability, sustainability and add value to company name


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Mohammed Zain
Managing Director
Mubadra PR and CSR Consultancy
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 55 541 3553
Email : m.zain@mubadra.com